Jo Keita

Nubian Tours

Jo became aware that there were many misconceptions about Africa, so In 1995 she started her travel company, Nubian Tours. She felt that people should be better informed about Africa; and that the only way to destroy those myths was for people to travel to Africa. And “…as African-Americans we need to be proud of the history of our ancestors”. She started escorting individuals and groups of all races to Africa at least 4 times a year. Speaking French while traveling to countries in West and Central Africa with her clients was an asset for them. Jo has now expanded her travel to other areas of the world that include all of Africa, South America and Hawaii. Sacred and special tours along with cruises are good connections for getting to know people. Even though she has tours for all clients, she loves to customize and create itineraries for those who like to do non-touristic things and learn first-hand about people of different cultures, their art and traditions.

United States

Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Mali, Togo.

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